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Vermont Pain Relief 

Specializing in Physical Therapy & Massage

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What has your experience been with physical therapy in the past?  

At Vermont Pain Relief care is taken to provide direct patient/physical therapist attention with the best mix of interventions designed to achieve success with your given problem. We specialize in hands-on techniques like advanced massage and chiropractic-style manipulations. We'll still give you exercises for homework and help you through them if necessary. We see a broad range of patients with problems such as sprains, strains, post-op knee/shoulder surgeries, low back pain, neck pain, tendonitis, and otherwise healthy athletes looking for a performance advantage.

Doctors of physical therapy are now considered primary care direct-access healthcare providers. This means that you can call us up and make an appointment but some health insurances still require a physician referral in order to pay for it. To expedite your experience just call the number on the back of your insurance card and ask about PT coverage, copay, deductible and if a referral is needed. Email or call to find out if we accept your health insurance.

About Us

Dr. Kevin Duniho, DPT
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Bonnica Zuckerman, LMT, MPH

Vermont Pain Relief is a physical therapy and massage clinic located in East Burke, VT. Dr. Kevin Duniho, DPT and associates specialize in select exercises and evidence-based manual interventions from advanced massage techniques to chiro/osteopathic-style manipulations.


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83 Kirby Rd. East Burke, Vermont

Treatment options & prices available by clicking below

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"That massage was exactly what I needed, but didn't know existed!"

L.W. Burlington, VT


Here we witness Dr. Kevin Duniho, DPT in his natural environments. Beside him is Bonnica Zuckerman, LMT, MPH a natural athlete pursuing sunsets by ski, bike, and foot.  Besides being a VT-licensed massage therapist, she is a master of Public Health. Book her for massage therapy by emailing

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