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About Dr. Kevin Duniho, DPT, LMT - Physical Therapist in East Burke VT

Have YOUR best season yet.

Top cyclists and athletes trust Vermont Pain Relief's Dr. Kevin Duniho, DPT for their physical therapy, bodywork and cycling related injuries.

What can I do for you?

You may wonder what can someone who calls himself The Cycling Doctor do for you.  (HINT: Its not 'doctoring' you up with PEDs like a myriad of 'helpful' folks in the Euro Pro scene.)  I'm a Doctor of Physical Therapy with 30 years of bike racing experience.  I've worked with some of the top athletes in the world. I've raced at a very high level for many years and continue to place well in National Championships, professional criteriums and track events.  I'm a category 1 mountain biker and category 2 in road and track.

I look at my cyclist patients with a different eye than any other health practitioner or bike shop fitter.  You can take a look at my educational 'palmares' on my other website,  I don't do 'bike fits' per se.  If you have a physical problem and you bicycle a lot then chances are that something can be modified about you and/or the bike.  I'm the perfect person to do that!  No one has the combination of education and experience that I bring to the table in terms of biomechanics and cycling knowledge.  Best part is, its all billable physical therapy to health insurance if you have an injury, ache, pain or disfunction.  You don't have to pay me $250/hr for my services or wonder how much I really know about the body.  

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy from the Univeristy of Vermont in Burlington, VT. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology from Western State College of Gunnison, Colorado with an emphasis in exercise physiology. Expanding on my education, I became a certified personal trainer and certified cycling coach. I became acquainted with massage as an aid to bicycle racing. I chose The Muscular Therapy Institute (MTI) in Cambridge, MA because of their strong program and excellent reputation.

As a result, I have more than 4000 hours of instructional training from almost 9 years of school in the area of human movement and bodywork. I have worked with the Harvard Swim Team, The MTI Sports Massage Team, at spas and for myself for over 24 years. I  also taught kinesiology in the massage therapy program at North Country Community College in Saranac Lake, NY.

Another important aspect of my life is the invaluable learning experience I had about the physiology of exercise and psychology of athletes. Through out my bicycle and nordic ski racing career, I experienced things about my body and mind that cannot be taught. I won several state championships, competed in several collegiate national championships, and rode my bicycle across the country. I continue to ride my bicycles non-competitively, snowboard, kayak, hike, and ski.

Course Work Completed

Doctoral Studies

  • Gross Anatomy

  • Professional Development

  • Pathophysiology

  • Patient Management - PT

  • Pharmacology

  • Therapeutic Modalities

  • Professional Seminar II

  • Research

  • Neuroscience

  • Musculoskeletal Patient Management - PT

  • Professional Seminar III

  • Clinical Education I (6 weeks at Northwestern Medical Center's Outpatient PT Clinic)

  • Research II

  • Movement Science II

  • Neuromuscular Patient Management

  • Cardiopulmonary Patient Management

  • Ethics

  • Quality in Health Care

  • Professional Seminar IV

  • Policy, Organization, and Finance of Health Care

  • Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

  • Professional Seminar V

  • Research Project

  • Neuromuscular Patient Management II

  • Medical/Surgical Patient Management

  • Practice Management

  • Musculoskeletal Patient Management II

  • Clinical Internship II (8 weeks at FAHC Acute Care)

  • Clinical Internship III (8 weeks at Burlington Health & Rehab Nursing Home)

  • Clinical Internship IV (14 weeks at Long Trail Physical Therapy)

Massage School

  • Anatomy, Neurology and Physiology

  • Pathology

  • Kinesiology/Myology

  • Massage Therapy Theory

  • Massage Therapy Technique

  • Hygiene/CPR/1st Aid

  • Chinese Medical Theory/Shiatsu


  • Physiology of Sport and Exercise

  • Survey of Human Development

  • Evaluation and Treatment of Athletic Injuries

  • Biomechanics of Sport

  • Weight Training and Conditioning

  • Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries

  • Health and Fitness in American Society

  • Basic Nutrition

  • Anatomical Kinesiology

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II

  • Motor Development and Learning

  • Organization and Administration of Physical Exercise and Sport

  • Sport Psychology

  • CPR/1st Aid

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